Centre for Advanced Composite Materials


The centre has established itself nationally and internationally through research in the areas of design, manufacture, characterisation and modelling of composite materials for various applications.

View of the Center for Advanced Composite Materials research area
Centre for Advanced Composite Materials

The centre has a number of New Zealand and international collaborators and a team of multidisciplinary research staff.

The vision of the centre is to “pioneer innovative technologies in advanced composite products and manufacturing processes” and “to enhance the wealth of members and provide new business opportunities to benefit the New Zealand economy”.

The centre is located at The University of Auckland’s Newmarket Campus. The total facility including the synergistic research area in the plastics centre, which covers approximately 3,500m², includes a large, open plan laboratory area with a range of specialised equipment, a mechanical testing laboratory, seminar and student study rooms.

The centre has access to a wide range of analytical and production tools including:

  • 100, 50 and 22-ton injection moulding machines
  • Brabender twin-screw extruder / plasticorder
  • Brabender sigma blade mixer
  • Twin-screw extruder
  • Lab scale film tower
  • Instron testing machines and test frames (static and dynamic)
  • Variable temperature environment chamber
  • Microwave ashing system
  • Rotational moulding set-up
  • Plasma chamber
  • Micro-/nanofibril production facility (designed and built at the University)
  • Knitting facility