Centre for Advanced Composite Materials

Manufacturing equipment

A range of configurable instrumented manufacturing equipment enables us to analyse production processes and produce custom composites and structures.


Several extruders, including:

Brabender DSE 20 computer-controlled co-rotating twin screw extruder suitable for polymer blending

  • Screw diameter 20 mm
  • Length/diameter ratio (L/D) 40
  • Operating range Up to 600 rpm, 300 bar and 40 N.m limit per screw


Cincinnati Milacron TC-35 computer-controlled co-rotating twin screw extruder

  • Screw diameter 35/75 mm (front/rear)
  • Length/diameter ratio (L/D) 23
  • Speed range 10 – 50 rpm
  • Available torque 820 N.m per screw

Injection moulder


  • Peak load 55 ton
  • Shot size 40 ml
  • Platen size 508 mm x 493 mm


Heated presses

A range of heated presses, from 10 – 100 ton.

Capacity Platen size Peak platen
Heating elements
10 T 150 x 150 mm 250 ºC Electric
50 T 700 x 380 mm 300 ºC Electric
100 T 700 x 700 mm Up to 210 ºC Oil or water heaters

Resin infusion and RTM light facilities

Stereophotogrammetry system for dynamic thickness measurements during flexible mould processes.

Range of moulds and peripheral equipment, including vacuum pumps and instrumentation.

Rigid tool RTM and CRTM facilities


CACM has a range of rigid-tool RTM and CRTM moulds, which can be utilised in various presses and testing machines. These include planar and non-planar geometries with a range of monitoring instrumentation.


TekScan – distributed pressure monitoring

CACM has a TekScan distributed pressure monitoring system used to take distributed stress measurements during RTM and CRTM processes.

Sensor sizes

55.9 x 55.9 mm (62 sensels per cm² )
238.0 x 238.0 mm (3.4 sensels per cm² )
482.1 x 206.8 mm (2.3 sensels per cm² )

Ultrasonic welder

Rinco MP2022 Ultrasonice Press Machine

  • Frequency 20 kHz
  • Maximum force 3000 N
  • Maximum stroke 20 – 100 mm

Rotational moulder

Custom built "rock and roll" type lab-scale rotomoulding oven.

  • Axes individually controllable, heating capacity up to ~5kW, forced-air convection cooling.
  • Datalogging of temperatures inside oven and mould air cavities.
  • Moulds to create panels up to 210x220mm, teflon coating, venting available.
  • Multiple shot capability.
  • Lab-scale mill for custom rotomouldable powder production.

Sample cutting (clicking) press

  • Repeatable sample cutting (with numerous custom blades)
  • Platen size: 500 x 500 mm

Drying ovens and dehumidifiers

The centre also has a range of ovens and dehumidifiers.


Elecfurn FAC 100/40/100 oven

Peak temperature 400 ºC

Squaroid Duo-Vac oven

Vacuum capable

Peak temperature 300 ºC

Napco 5861 Vacuum oven

Temperature range 35-200 ºC

Moretto Dry-Air Dehumidifiers


Other equipment



Ultrasonic bath

Retsch ultra-centrifugal mill